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Well-known chip card experts with international experience

achelos has detailed knowledge in the field of chip card and PKI technology and is experienced along the entire value chain, enabling us to support the whole project. From the conception and specification through to software development, project management, integration and quality management, broad security audit and prevention measures, we are your software development company independent of suppliers.

Our experienced team belongs to the specialists in the chip card industry and has realized countless projects at both national and international level. We enjoy being a fair and experienced partner with expert know-how.

Extract of references of the achelos team:

  • German health card: operating system development, end-to-end testing, added value applications
  • Digital tachograph: system architecture, integration services, project management and operating systems
  • National ID systems: system concepts and architecture (PKI, chip cards, biometry)
  • eID operating systems: specification and implementation (electronic driving licenses, electronic passports, qualified signature cards)
  • Common criteria: certification of electronic ID systems
  • Europay/MasterCard: definition of EMV tests and type approval schemes
  • Mobile payment: mobile MasterCard PayPass, Visa mobile contactless

Download: brochure chip card projects