Greater IT security in the digital world

Greater IT security in the digital world

achelos is an expert in the protection and the security of data

The value of companies today is no longer calculated solely in fixed and current assets alone. Indeed, soft factors with hard facts are influencing the market position more than ever. The primary focus is therefore being shifted towards trusted and secure handling of sensitive information and data, as well as its protection from unauthorised access.

Whether companies, private individuals or state organisations, whether at national or international level, everyone is required to safeguard data protection and the security of the systems associated with this.

Information is a very valuable asset and particularly worthy of protection

achelos is a leading specialist supplier of manufacturer-independent, high-performance products, solutions and services in security-critical fields of application. achelos has been catering to the special security requirements on the international market with excellent products, solutions and services for more than ten years.



Feature with Kathrin Asmuth

Our Managing Partner Kathrin Asmuth has been featured in the CIOLook''10 most influential leaders in Security''. What a kick start to 2021! Congratulations Kathrin!

Read the complete interview here:

Interview with Kathrin Asmuth: Securing the Digital Future

Holger Volke presents the freshly delivered Virtual Card Kit

The smart card simulation consists of this nice hardware and a powerful software. The VCK has an Ethernet and NFC interface and complies with the gematik specifications. Develop and test your apps or specialised services for the telematics infrastructure now with the new VCK from achelos.

New press release

achelos announced as TOP 10 security company in Europe
achelos is announced as one oft the TOP 10 security companies in Europe for 2020 that ease up to data safeguarding process for government offices. Please learn more about the achelos security solutions in the article from our expert Heinfried Cznottka.

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