We design a secure digital future and continue to grow in a cooperative spirit

During the past 15 years, achelos has established itself as experts for services and solutions in fields of use that are critical for security. Our development team and our cryptography specialists are counted among the recognised experts in the security sector.

We aspire to shape a secure digital future and are involved in many visionary projects. Looking into the future, the use of artificial intelligence is a phenomenon that we can expect to encounter at every level. The challenge we have to face will be in finding a balance between the technological opportunities that arise and the ethical aspects we must consider, and to allow these considerations to flow into viable and acceptable solutions and services.

The projects pursued by achelos involve nothing less than achieving security in the digital world. The success of our company is based on immense expert knowledge and a direct exchange between the people who lie behind the technology. What defines us at achelos is not just our boundless enthusiasm for technology but also our depth of knowledge and our ambitious aspirations when it comes to achieving both quality and security.

We work together in an open and fair style of cooperation and are pleased to lead the way forward as innovators for our customers. We seek to grow together for our mutual benefit. We see our supportive leadership approach as the bedrock of our cooperation. It promotes continuing growth while also maintaining our market focus and customer orientation. We react flexibly to changes and achieve top performance as a result. Together, we all benefit mutually from greater creative freedom and enhanced motivation.

Carola Schwarzenberg

Managing Director
achelos GmbH, Paderborn

Carola Schwarzenberg has been Managing Director of achelos GmbH since April 2024. Over the past seven years, the manager has developed strategic partnerships for achelos and further expanded sales, marketing and business development. With immediate effect, she will also be responsible for Human Resources. 

Cybersecurity is one of achelos' core topics. The EU law on cyber resilience requires all manufacturers and providers of products with digital elements to implement and demonstrate compliance with security standards. Public key infrastructures and electronic certificates form the basis for protecting these intelligently networked IoT devices. With achelos, customers have direct access to the latest security technologies and the flexible use of expert knowledge in order to fulfil requirements on time. Schwarzenberg and her team also offer suitable solutions for connecting to the telematics infrastructure in the healthcare sector.

Previously, the business economist worked successfully in various management roles for companies in the software industry and built up global partner networks and sales channels.

Thomas Freitag

Managing Director
achelos GmbH, Paderborn

Since December 2019, Thomas Freitag has been managing director at achelos GmbH. The IT security expert has been instrumental in advancing the development of achelos since the company was founded, most recently for six years in his role as technical manager. In his current function, he brings in-depth technological knowledge to the table and is driving forward the consistent introduction of further agile processes and automation. His goal is to set up achelos as a leading provider of solutions and as a cybersecurity enabler in the field of digital connectivity and digital identity management.

Thomas Freitag is counted among the recognised experts in the German IT security sector and has represented achelos for many years in relevant work groups and committees. He brings his experience to bear actively in customer projects and secures a long-term and sustainable benefit for all stakeholders.

Prior to his appointment at achelos, the graduate electrical engineer was engaged in a management function in the electrical engineering department at Sagem Orga GmbH, today Idemia. In this post, he was primarily responsible for the field of testing and approval of the German electronic health card, and his portfolio included the development of chip card operating systems such as Micardo, Tachograph, SECCOS.

Felix Wolf

Managing Director
achelos GmbH, Paderborn

Felix Wolf joined the management of achelos GmbH in December 2023. The business economist is responsible for Finance & Controlling, Corporate Development and the Connect/eSIM business unit.

In the Connect business, he and his team are focusing on further growth with customers in the telecommunications environment (MNOs and MVNOs), building in particular on the leading SM-DP+ solution for the provision of eSIM profiles. In the area of cybersecurity and digital identities, the manager will focus on expanding strategic partnerships with large consulting companies in the technology environment.

Felix Wolf maintains an international focus. Coming from a background of diverse management functions in medium-sized enterprises, his experience also includes several years as project manager at management consultants Roland Berger, including in Frankfurt am Main and Dubai. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a Master’s degree in International Management (CEMS) from the Stockholm School of Economics and University College Dublin.