"TI to go" – your individual testing centre

Interoperability with the telematics infrastructure (TI) assured

Come in and get your "TI to go" – for full interoperability with the telematics infrastructure (TI). The test suites and simulations of Qumate.eHealth.World are suitable for all manufacturers and operators in the environment of the TI. You can select individual components to meet your own testing requirements. Special configurations or manipulations of components can be exclusively tested within the TI here – without applying the tests and findings to other users or making them accessible to competitors. You can find the right test tools for any test project and can reliably investigate the effect of the TI on the existing system. This allows the functional suitability to be tested and documented.

We perform manufacturer-independent testing of all components and interfaces of the telematics infrastructure (TI)

Products and solutions
  • Only uses public Java Card, as well as GlobalPlatform interfaces and protocols
  • Contains the complete test specifications of the respective tests and facilitates detailed analysis of any faults and risks detected
  • Saves time and costs through automated test cases
  • Boasting more than 20,000 test cases, one of the most extensive Java Card test suites on the market
  • Optimum visual documentation of the test results
"TI to go" – full interoperability

"TI to go" – full interoperability

We perform manufacturer-independent testing of all components and interfaces of the telematics infrastructure (TI)


Comprehensive benefits for your test center

Manufacturers of TI components

introduce new functions and specialist services.

Medical device manufacturers

are required to integrate their systems into the TI using compatible interfaces.

Providers in the field of integrated supply

are obliged to check the co-existence of their applications with the TI



Full-scope TI

Full-scope TI as an isolated laboratory instance

High efficiency

Time and cost savings thanks to automated test procedures

Reproduction permitted

Test cases can be reproduced without limits.

Free configuration

No interdependencies between instances

With real components

Modular test system can be combined with genuine components (e.g. specimen cards, card terminals, etc.)


Certain elements can be distributed among various teams.

We would love to be your professional partner for secure networking with the telematics infrastructure in the field of healthcare.

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Director eHealth Solutions


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