eIDAS Inspector

eIDAS Inspector

Highly flexible and fully automatic 

The eIDAS Inspector was developed by achelos as a response to the requirements defined in the European Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation) and the CA/Browser Forum.

The product is designed for the European market and is aimed at:

  • Trust Service Providers
  • Trust centers
  • Certification Authorities
  • Conformity Assessment Body

The test system is used to verify:

  • Electronic certificates and seals


eIDAS Inspector – a secure investment for the future

eIDAS Inspector: Promise to our customers

We offer our customers up to date information and quality assurance

With the eIDAS Inspector we offer our customers a number of advantages. Get to know how our test tool differes when compared to other open source tools such as zlint, X509lint or certlint.

With eIDAS Inspector - always remain up to date

In contrast to existing open source solutions, with eIDAS Inspector we always offer conformity checks to the latest specification versions. Changes in technical standards and market requirements are continuously and quickly incorporated into updates. This means that achelos customers always use a test system that complies with the latest certification guidelines.

With eIDAS Inspector - best test coverage

This is where you score with eIDAS Inspector when compared to existing open source tools. With the test system from achelos a higher test coverage can be proven. In addition, eIDAS Inspector customers benefit from error-free certificates and therefore do not run the risk of getting on the srt.sh warning list. By using the eIDAS test system, we protect our customers from a loss of reputation that could damage their business. achelos covers all important specifications with one tool, from RFC 5280 to ETSI TR 119 495 (PSD2). A better solution than this cannot to be found!

With eIDAS Inspector - put documented trustworthiness to practice

achelos offers you a controlled quality assurance of all eIDAS Inspector releases and all releases of the certificate policy by an ISO 27001 certified organisation. We strive for the highest possible quality in the implementation of our inspection guidelines. For more than a decade, we have been developing conformity test tools for security and national level applications.

Thanks to this experience, we enjoy a high level of trust, especially with trust centres. The basis for a final delivery of each eIDAS Inspector release is the internal test documentation. Only then do we deliver a trustworthy and transparent product to a trust centre. This document contains all test procedures carried out from the entire product development process, of course completely and in an understandable format. The test document is generated automatically in the course of the product development build process.

With eIDAS Inspector - you are extremely flexible

Easily create rule sets for your own certificate policies using any XML editor. With the eIDAS Inspector from achelos this is very convenient. Existing test procedures can be modified and extended and new tests can be created, e.g. for specific requirements defined in the Certificate Practice Statement (CPS). Flexible and agile!

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Product Owner eIDAS Inspector


+49 5251 14212-378

Characteristic features of the eIDAS Inspector

Key features of the eIDAS Inspector at a glance

  • Highly configurable and user-friendly test system
  • Provision of predefined policies for on-the-fly verification
  • Supports established and well-known specifications on electronic signatures:
    • ETSI EN 319 412-1 bis -5 (eIDAS)
    • ETSI TR 119 495 (PSD2)
    • CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Public-Trusted Certificates
    • CA/Browser Forum Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of Extended Validation Certificates
    • RFC5280
  • Batch processing support
  • Detailed test reports on policy conformance
    • XML-based reports
    • Quick error analysis and comprehensive test reports
    • Management Summary Reports
    • Test reports for regression tests
  • Supports various input formats:
    • PEM
    • PKCS#12
  • Supports various interfaces:
    • Command line
    • REST
    • Web GUI
  • Support to integrate verification in the trust center‘s certificate issuing process
    • Verification of trust related output data (test data) during creation process
    • Enabling for machine handling of testing results and related decision making for further measures
  • Tool assisted adaptation of organizational requirements using a Wizard


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eIDAS Inspector - for more security and quality

The test system is used as a supporting testing tool in certification processes for process-accompanying output control (e.g. in trust centers). The eIDAS Inspector strengthens communication security and the quality of authentication through specification-compliant, secure certificates, thereby protecting service providers from business-critical reputation losses.

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achelos offers comprehensive expertise for development, testing and certification for the European eIDAS Regulation.