eIDAS Inspector

eIDAS Inspector

Highly flexible, modular and fully automatic 

The eIDAS Inspector was developed by achelos as a response to the requirements defined in the European Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation).

The product is designed for the European market and is aimed at:

  • Trust centers
  • Certification Authorities
  • End users

The test system is used to verify:

  • Digital certificates and seals
  • Electronic signatures
  • Time stamps
  • Other electronically signed documents, e.g. XML files (XAdES), PDF files (PAdES) or data containers (ASiC)


eIDAS Inspector - for more security and quality

The test system is used as a supporting testing tool in certification processes, for process-accompanying output control (e.g. in trust centers) or for verifying digital authorisation documents at the end user. The eIDAS Inspector strengthens communication security and the quality of data output through specification-compliant, secure identities and protects against business-critical reputation loss.

Our services

achelos offers comprehensive expertise for development, testing and certification for the European eIDAS Regulation.

eIDAS Inspector – a secure investment for the future

Modular architecture

Safe investment for the future

The verification system provides a modular and easily extendable architecture. Each module contains a set of domain-specific rules and regulations for relevant technical requirement specification documents.

Verification modules for special domain-related purposes:

Core component:

  • Certificate Verifier - verifies digital electronic certificates on specification conformance

Optional components: 

  • PAdES Verifier - verifies the electronic digital signature in PDF documents
  • XAdES Verifier - verifies the signatures in XML documents
  • ASiC Verifier - verifies electronic digital signatures in digital archives


Advantages of using the eIDAS Inspector

Advantages of the eIDAS Inspector at a glance

  • Highly configurable and user-friendly test system:
    • Batch processing
    • User-defined test requirements on XML basis
  • Supports the quality assurance process of a trust center
    (Integration of verification into the certificate issuance process)
  • Provides predefined policies in the form of policy files for immediate verification
  • Supports established specifications for electronic signatures:  
    • RFC5280
    • CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Public-Trusted Certificates
    • CA/Browser Forum Guidelines For The Issuance And Management Of Extended Validation Certificates
    • ETSI TR 119 495 (QWAC and QSEAL)
    • ETSI EN 319 412
    • eIDAS, PSD2
  • Enables M2M communication through RESTful interface
  • Detailed test reports on conformity of the tested guidelines
    • Fast and targeted error analysis
    • Output of Management Summary Reports
  • Supports various input data:
    • Certificates
    • Seals
    • Electronic signatures
    • Time stamps
    • Electronically signed documents (XAdES, PAdES, ASiC,...)
  • Enables testing and customization of  business requirements          


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eIDAS Inspector test coverage

Simple solution for complete test coverage

The eIDAS Inspector can check and tackle verification and quality assurance tasks automatically. The innovative test system validates signed data on the basis of predefined specification requirements and generates a machine-readable test result via a REST interface. Trust centers benefit from the recursive quality assurance and clearly save time on identifying erroneous data.

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Product Owner eIDAS Inspector


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