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About achelos GmbH

achelos creates greater security in the digital world

achelos is a manufacturer-independent software development and consulting firm based in Paderborn, Germany. Founded in 2008, the company develops and operates highly specialised products, solutions and services for security-critical applications in international markets.

Alongside general security-related topics, we focus on industry solutions in the security, healthcare, industry, public, payment and connect segments. Our customers and partners include government institutions, private companies and organisations with security requirements for digital applications. Our ideas, products and solutions in the field of embedded security have been incorporated into many national and international projects.

With "Qumate", achelos offers an extensive portfolio of tools and services for testing, simulating and checking the function and conformity of network connections and components in line with international security standards. Our benchmark is ultimate IT security. Therefore, we consistently develop products and solutions in line with the "IT Security by Design" approach.

Customers benefit from specific know-how, as well from our comprehensive, requirements-based areas of expertise along the entire process chain - from planning, development and to testing and implementation.

With qualified expert knowledge and pronounced technology expertise in the fields of cryptography and security, we are highly motivated to make the digital future a little more secure every day.

Corporate Policy

Our vision

achelos develops, markets and operates highly specialised products and services in the global ID security market. Our goal is to sustainably shape ID security through our technological expertise, as well as to make an important contribution for our customers as a driver of innovation and enabler in the digital transformation.

As a service provider, we do not seek solely to provide technology, but also to generate and guarantee stable security in the digital arena with services and qualified expert knowledge.

Our objectives

Our objective is to establish achelos as a leading company for comprehensive security-related topics and industry solutions in the security, health, industry, public, payment and connect segments on the international market.

Our innovations

To help stimulate and sustainably secure achelos‘ innovative strength, a fixed percentage of sales revenue is invested in innovations every year.

Here you will find our complete corporate policy:

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Quality is an integral part of achelos' corporate values

We understand quality as a company value and a clear competitive advantage

Quality Statement

In order to maintain
our high quality standard in the long term,
we combine our expert knowledge
with reliability and transparency.

Expert Knowledge



More than beneficial for our customers!

We deliver reliable products, solutions and services!

Clear communication creates transparency and trust!

Our team consists of recognised experts in cryptography and security. With qualified expert knowledge and pronounced technological competence, we are highly motivated to make the digital future a little more secure every day.

Our software development meets the highest quality standards. All projects are implemented according to defined and agile processes. Our products, solutions and services are efficient, secure and of high quality.

Transparency in communication - especially towards our customers - is part of the quality policy of achelos. We maintain a trustworthy and cooperative business relationship with our customers, work according to clear processes and live an open and transparent corporate culture.


Certified according to ISO 9001 | ISO 27001 | Common Criteria

achelos GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Thus achelos guarantees a high quality standard and operates an effective quality and information security management system. With the certification of the development site according to Common Criteria, achelos can now be even more flexible in its involvement in the development process or in taking over complete partial developments more easily in the customer's CC evaluation.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 27001 certificate

Common Criteria site certificate

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

Management team

Kathrin Asmuth, Thomas Freitag


Founded in

May 2008


Company HQ




Manufacturer-independent software development and consulting firm


Expert knowledge

Specialists with a wide range of competencies in cryptography and security technology



ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Common Criteria

Target markets

Security, health, industry, public, payment and connect



Products, solutions, services (consulting, testing), embedded security product development partner



General security-related topics and industry solutions for the international market


Customers | Partners

Governmental institutions, private companies and organisations that require solutions for security-critical fields of application




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