Consulting, development and testing for TI applications and components

For a successful and secure entry into the TI 2.0

New offerings require proof of interoperability, security, and functionality

Digitalisation in the German healthcare sector is advancing and it is placing numerous new requirements on service providers. The goal is a connected, digital healthcare system in Germany. For this, the telematics infrastructure (TI) is being further developed into its next development stage the TI 2.0, and together with the electronic patient record, will form the foundation.

With these new technical possibilities, new services and offerings are emerging, such as the e-prescription, digital health applications (DiGA) and secure messaging services.

Before new products and services can be successfully used in the telematics infrastructure, they require official approval by gematik. This central body defines the requirements and specifications. This central body defines the requirements and specifications. Manufacturers must prove the interoperability as well as the security and functionality of their new offer.

Combined expertise in eHealth and IT security for highest security and quality

For more than 15 years, achelos has been offering consultation and support to its clients in the development of TI products. Many of our experts have accompanied the development of the electronic health card in Germany from its beginnings until today. Whether in the preparation of feasibility studies, the support of certifications according to Common Criteria, or the development of powerful and automated test suites – our special knowledge is in many areas.

We accompany our customers from the very beginning, starting with the planning, through the development, to the test management and the approval of the new products, components, or solutions.

Consulting - Developing - Testing
from TI components to health applications


For some years now, the actors in the German health care system have been exchanging information with each other via digital channels. However, the chosen communication channels are often complicated and not secure.

From 2023, the TI Messenger as an interoperable messaging standard would form the prelude to the TI 2.0 as a classic product. It will enable convenient and secure communication between doctors, patients, hospitals, and others within the eHealth system. The corresponding gematik specification has already been published. In the first step, the TI messenger should transmit text messages, images and audio; and a video chat function is planned for the future.

achelos is an expert in the field of telematics infrastructure. We are happy to support you in the development and approval of your TI messenger solution according to gematik specifications and advise you on the connection to the telematics infrastructure.

Digital Identities

In the future, digital identities are expected to replace the electronic health card and enable improved quality of care. Patients would be able to use their digital identity to authenticate themselves easily and conveniently at various digital health services of the telematics infrastructure (TI).

From 1 January 2024, the statutory health insurance companies are obliged by law to offer their insured persons the use of alternative insurance identities. During the further development to TI 2.0, digital identities are also planned for service providers such as doctors, medical offices, and hospitals. They will replace the current electronic health professional cards (eHBA) and the practice or institution cards.

Making digital identities available requires the development and approval of an Identity Provider Service (IDP). This service creates and manages alternative insured person identities. The basis for a successful approval of the IDP is the necessary implementation of the "self-responsible tests" (EVT).

achelos fully supports future providers in the development and approval of a sectoral identity provider (IDP). Our services range from consulting and development to testing and approval support.

Our eHealth Portfolio

TI Services

Successful products through customised services

With its TI Services achelos supports manufacturers of digital health solutions and providers of specialist services in the development, testing and certification of TI components and services holistically in accordance with gematik requirements.

This starts with consulting before and during the entire project period, includes the offer of individual test services in combination with powerful, automated test suites and extends to the complete takeover of development, testing and documentation.

Our services:

TI Simulator

For a secure start into the world of telematics infrastructure

With the TI Simulator, achelos offers a complete simulation environment that can flexibly simulate both centralised and decentralised components of the TI. The homogeneous simulation environment fully supports the generation of EVT documentation and offers a wide range of manipulation options.

In addition to standard cases, error cases can also be reliably simulated and tested. All systems and components required in the TI are represented uniformly. With the hosted simulation environment of achelos, each participant receives its own instance.

Virtual Card Kit

Chip card simulation for development and test environments

The Virtual Card Kit from achelos is a powerful combination of software and hardware components for the efficient simulation of smart card operating systems and applications. The product package consists of the Virtual Card Simulation with the smart card operating system and the Virtual Card Box as a physical connection to the outside world.

Das Virtual Card Kit simuliert die elektronischen Gesundheitskarten der zweiten Generation

The Virtual Card Kit simulates the second generation of electronic health cards.
The Virtual Card Kit can be used as a stand-alone smart card simulation or in combination with test suites from Qumate by achelos. The product is a powerful solution for high quality assurance. The Virtual Card Kit provides object systems for the simulation of all card types for the German healthcare market (e. g. eGK, HBA, SMC-B, gSMC-K, gSMC-KT) with RSA and ECC cryptography.

Qumate by achelos

Quality assurance at the highest level

Qumate by achelos is the established test centre for manufacturer-independent end-to-end testing of IT networks, products, and solutions. The development of achelos is used in many national and international projects. Based on Qumate, achelos offers a variety of test suites for immediate use. You can flexibly access the test suites locally or remotely via the Internet and thus open up new business models.

The business process always in view

Qumate by achelos offers a cross-project view that clearly displays both the business process and the associated technical requirements in a tree structure. It can be flexibly extended with plug-ins due to its modular architecture.

We implement highly automated, individual test solutions on the basis of Qumate. In doing so, we take into account industry standards that test and evaluate both safety-related and functional properties of the test object, e. g. in test suites for:

  • the connector
  • eHealth card terminals
  • mobile card terminals
  • the testing of card operating systems (eHealth-COS)
  • primary systems
  • ISO/OSI layer 3 and 4 security protocols: TLS (client and server, IKE/IPsec)
  • Specialist services and components within the framework of the electronic patient record (ePA)

Jointly with you, we determine the test procedure and the depth of testing in advance. In doing so, we take into account the status of the gematik specifications, concepts and approvals.

We are happy to be your competent partner for a secure connection to the telematics infrastructure in the healthcare sector.

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