Interoperability with the telematics infrastructure (TI) assured

„TI to go“ solution from achelos

Digitised care – securely networked

With the introduction of the electronic healthcare card and the associated telematics infrastructure (TI) , all components, use cases and interfaces used need to function and communicate both securely and reliably. All providers of networked services and products in the healthcare sector must therefore first demonstrate their interoperability and correct function in a laboratory.

Interoperability assured

achelos performs manufacturer-independent testing of all components and interfaces of the telematics infrastructure (TI). Within the scope of Qumate.eHealth.World, achelos developed an interoperability laboratory that isolates and simulates the TI for your applications. Thus, you have your own TI at your disposal. Come in and get your "TI to go" – for full interoperability.

"TI to go" – your individual test center

Manufacturers and operators that use networked products and services in the environment of TI will find test suites and simulations for their individual test projects in the Qumate.eHealth.World. This increases independence, while also saving both time and money, as the products are available immediately and comply with the specifications of "gematik", Germany's national health card operating company.

The test functions (manipulation, logging) help when checking the fault tolerance of a company's own products.


"TI to go" – full interoperability

We perform manufacturer-independent testing of all components and

interfaces of the telematics infrastructure (TI)

Comprehensive benefits for your test center

Manufacturers of TI components

introduce new functions and specialist services.

Medical device manufacturers

are required to integrate their systems into the TI using compatible interfaces.

Providers in the field of integrated care

are obliged to check the co-existence of their applications with the TI.

Benefits of Qumate.eHealth.World

Full-scope TI

Full-scope TI as an isolated laboratory instance

High efficiency!

Time and cost savings thanks to automated test procedures

Reproduction permitted!

Test cases can be reproduced without limits.

Free configuration!

No interdependencies between instances

With real components!

Modular test system can be combined with genuine components (e.g. specimen cards, card terminals, etc.)


Partial aspects can be divided among different teams.

Meet your TI "live" at achelos

The test suites and simulations of Qumate.eHealth.World are suitable for all manufacturers and operators in the environment of the TI. You can specifically select individual components to meet your own testing requirements. Special configurations or manipulations of components can be exclusively tested within the TI here – without applying the tests and findings to other users or making them accessible to competitors. You can find the right testware for any test project and can reliably investigate the effect of the TI on the existing system. This allows the functional suitability to be tested and documented.

Products and solutions

The Qumate.eHealth.World

The "TI to go" interoperability laboratory, including test suites for

  • The eHealth.Connector
  • Card terminals
  • Mobile card terminals
  • Testing card operating systems (eHealth-COS)
  • Primary systems
  • Security protocols of ISO/OSI Layers 3 and 4: TLS (client and server, IKE/IPsec)

All tools match the current status of the specifications, concepts and releases of "gematik", Germany's national health card operating company.

Focus on the essentials

Many functions are required in order to map a business process. achelos offers numerous tools that deliver better results in development and quality assurance than genuine components which cannot be manipulated in a targeted way.

  • eHealth terminal simulation
  • COS simulation software
  • TI concentrator simulation
  • TI intermediary (including UFS/VSDD/CCS)
  • PKI components
  • Tools for producing correct / defective certificates (CVC, x509, ECC, RSA)
  • Tools for monitoring TLS connections

The fitness program for your primary system on the eHealth Connector

The Qumate.eHealth.PS test system offers comprehensive functions in various expansion stages. These support your team of developers in efficient finalisation of your product. The developers can themselves configure all connector authentication processes 

in use today. In addition to this, it is possible to subscribe to "events" and use all options of the "operations on the external interface".

  • Use for certification of the KVDT (data transfer format of the German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) at the KBV (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians)
  • Use for documenting the functional suitability at "gematik", Germany's national health card operating company

The two achelos test systems (TI and KVDT) can be combined.


Common Criteria: our knowledge for your business

Our expert knowledge is based on detailed understanding of all components and interfaces used in the telematics infrastructure (TI). In addition to this, we provide customers with holistic support throughout the entire approval process: from the application, through development and production, all the way up to the security-relevant test.

Alongside comprehensive Common Criteria services, we offer extensive consulting for each project phase. Simply get in touch, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Software development

Take advantage of our experienced development department to get your products and solutions to market faster – for the development of:

  • Software and products
  • Security modules for smart card applications
  • Firmware for smart card interfaces (eHealth card terminals, etc.)
  • Components for Public Key Infrastructures
  • Cryptographic functions

The achelos team comprises recognised experts in security technology that have implemented projects worldwide. Development is based on the "Security by Design" principle and takes security into account from the outset.

We would love to be your professional partner for secure networking with the telematics infrastructure in the field of healthcare.

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Director eHealth Solutions


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Sales Manager


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