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Greater IT security in the digital world

achelos is an expert in the protection and the security of data

The value of companies today is no longer calculated solely in fixed and current assets alone. In the age of digitalisation, it is more than ever the soft factors that influence the market position of a company. The primary focus is therefore being shifted towards trusted and secure handling of sensitive information and data, as well as its protection from unauthorised access.

Whether companies, private individuals, or state organisations, whether at national or international level, everyone is required to safeguard data protection and the security of the systems associated with this.

Secure and certifiable IT solutions for the international market

achelos is a manufacturer-independent software development and consulting firm. Since 2008, we have been catering to the special security requirements on the international market with excellent products, solutions, and services.

We support companies and organisations holistically on their way to digitalisation. Our comprehensive product and service portfolio is focused on the development of secure and certifiable IT solutions for use in security-critical fields of application.

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The adoption of eSIM across consumer and IoT applications will soon reach an inflection point. This offers new opportunities for MNOs, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other stakeholders to operate their own eSIM RSP platforms and exercise full control over eSIM RSP management and services.

This whitepaper dives into different forms of eSIM Management solutions and documents the rise of “off-the-shelf” eSIM RSP Software.  

Download the complete whitepaper here.

Professional add-on for the open source TLS test tool "TaSK" from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

achelos developed the TaSK Framework at the request of the BSI and now offers a comprehensive package of support and add-ons in and around the BSI solution. An optimal support for test centres or device manufacturers, e.g. for development-accompanying conformity tests based on TR-03116-TS.

Here you can read the press release.

EJBCA Software Appliance und SignServer Software Appliance

The project for OMICRON involved support for PKI and key migration based on a set-up consisting of Keyfactor EJBCA software appliance, SignServer software appliance and network-enabled HSM.

Read the Success Story here.

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