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HSM Consulting

Secure optimal HSM solutions through independent consulting and first-class products

As the process of digitalisation progresses, the amount of data that companies must protect from theft or misuse are also growing ever larger. This data needs to be encrypted, and the keys must be securely stored and managed. The larger the amount of data, the greater the number of keys to be generated and secured – and the higher the costs for their secure management. Hardware security modules (HSMs) can be used to perform this task.

HSMs are considered particularly immune to manipulation. They offer protected cryptographic processes by using random generators to create keys, which they then manage and protect. These keys can be used for encryption and decryption of data as well as for creating digital signatures and certificates. Whether for protecting personal data, generating signatures for certificates, or communicating via web portals of banks or authorities – HSMs can be used everywhere.

HSM Consulting by achelos

achelos has comprehensive expert knowledge of the successful deployment of standard HSMs as well as individual, certifiable HSM solutions for effective protection of your data.

The optimum mix of consulting, professional services, development and certification support helps our customers achieve ultimate efficiency with full cost control.

Secure an optimum HSM solution with ultimate efficiency and full cost control

Powerful partners

Whether a standard HSM or individually customised system – as a manufacturer-independent provider, achelos always has the optimum solution. We rely on established and certified HSM products from our network of powerful partners here.

Our experienced team, which includes developers, consultants, testers and trainers, also ensures smooth planning, provision and commissioning of your new HSM environment.


Our services – your success

Standard HSM solution

achelos supports you in every phase of your HSM project. The first step is to record your requirements. In the analysis phase, we work with you to determine which HSM solution is best suited to your intended application. In many cases, a standard HSM solution from one of our established partners can be used. We then assume responsibility for the integration and development of applications, help you with commissioning and offer support for ongoing operation.  


HSM Firmware Development

When catering to special requirements that cannot be satisfied by a standard HSM solution, it is a good idea to use custom firmware. In addition to the services we offer for the development and commissioning of a standard HSM solution, we can also develop customer-specific HSM firmware for you. We provide planning, architecture and development support and help with successful certification of the new firmware (PCI PTS HSM).

HSM Consulting by achelos

Perfectly prepared for certification and audits

Environments in which keys are saved are often subject to regulatory requirements and must be certified or audited. The experts at achelos have longstanding expertise in the certification of security-critical products and applications. We only use certified standard products and provide support for audits and/or certification of the environment in which the HSM is used.

We also offer custom HSM firmware development, including support for certification of the complete solution. With its dedicated CC site certification, achelos can also provide full-scope support for the most demanding development projects. We ensure that your new HSM solution complies with all relevant regulatory requirements. You are then perfectly prepared for all certifications and audits.

Full cost control

With achelos, you have full control of your costs. All of the products you require, as well as our HSM expert knowledge, can be called up individually and used flexibly. This starts with:

  • consulting services for selecting and designing the optimum HSM environment
  • continues through development of tailor-made HSM solutions
  • all the way up to preparation for successful certification or auditing of your complete solution

This saves time, minimises the project risk and spares your own resources. Benefit from an optimum mix of consulting, professional services, development and certification support.

Your keys are in safe hands with achelos!

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Strategic Sales


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