We are shaping the digital future and will grow together as a unit

In the last ten years, achelos has established itself as an expert for products and solutions in security-critical fields of application. Our team of developers and our cryptography specialists are recognised experts in the security sector. Many forward-looking projects at both the national and international level carry our seal.


The projects at achelos revolve around security in the digital world. The success of our company is based on a high degree of expert knowledge and direct exchange between the people behind the technology. At achelos, we are not only connected by our enthusiasm for technology, but also our far-reaching expertise, as well as an extremely high commitment to delivering quality and security.

We work in an open, fair and collaborative environment. We enjoy being pioneers and sometimes even lateral thinkers for our customers and are keen to keep growing. We see the cooperative management principle as the foundation for our collaboration. It promotes our continued growth, while at the same time preserving our market and customer orientation. We react flexibly to changes and achieve outstanding results. Together, we all benefit from greater design freedom and a high degree of motivation.

The achelos management

Kathrin Asmuth

Managing Partner
achelos GmbH, Paderborn

In May 2008, Kathrin Asmuth founded achelos GmbH, a manufacturer-independent software development house based in the German city of Paderborn. The managing partner has built up achelos into a mid-sized enterprise with around 75 employees that possess a wide range of skills in the fields of cryptography and security technology.

Together with her team, Kathrin Asmuth offers highly specialised products, solutions and services that help ensure cross-sector security of digital identities and embedded technologies in security-critical fields of application.

Prior to this, the IT specialist held the position of General Manager Product Development worldwide at Sagem Orga GmbH (today Idemia) until 2008. Here, she managed all international development units with around 235 employees. Kathrin Asmuth has expert knowledge in the field of security technology for embedded systems and has been able to incorporate this in a large number of national and international customer projects and expert committees.


Frank Stehling

Managing Director
achelos GmbH, Paderborn

Frank Stehling has been Managing Director at achelos GmbH since June 2015. In his role, he manages the company's commercial and organisational topics. In addition to this, he is responsible for the strategic further development of achelos, which has been transformed from a classic system house to a product and service provider in the areas of security, healthcare, public, mobility and IoT. With this successful transformation, achelos can now also offer its customers products and testing services alongside its familiar tailor-made solutions.

Before assuming management responsibility at our company, Frank Stehling held various management and consulting positions at German software companies and in the engineering sector. He actively draws on this experience in customer projects, thereby generating long-term and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.