Greater security for a mobile world

Rapid increases in data volumes and increasing networking require secure solutions

The world is not only becoming more digital, but also more mobile. Personal mobility has risen markedly in all areas of life and work. More and more new fields of application are emerging, with sensors collecting a great deal of data, data analysis systems evaluating this and then making the results available for control processes. The goal of digitisation is to make our life more convenient, whether through intelligent parking and traffic control systems, car sharing, logistics and freight transport, networked on-board units in vehicles, check-in via smartphone, payment systems in Germany's public transport infrastructure (ÖPNV), all the way up to self-driving vehicles.

The mobility data generated here is reaching a massive volume. Suitable interfaces therefore need to be created, while data protection and data security must be guaranteed for intelligent use and networking of this data. The increasing complexity and networking of the systems and components used, as well as the data volume being generated as a result of this, are more than attractive for hackers. As such, the potential for attacks on functionality, security and privacy is likely to further increase significantly.

This is where achelos comes in, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services for the security of applications in critical infrastructures.

Products and solutions

Products and solutions - Digital tachograph

Digital tachograph: mobile systems for Europe's roads

In line with the EU Directive, the digital tachograph system comprises four card types. Driver cards, workshop cards, control cards and company cards are used per user group here (for the hauliers and bus operators).

achelos knows and understands the special requirements of networked systems in use throughout Europe with a wide range of components, card types, applications and background systems. Our experience in the field of security evaluation will help your project reach a swift and smooth completion.


Experience in and around digital tachographs:

Operating system development and quality assurance for tachograph control cards

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Code review
  • Definition of security requirements
  • Evaluation documentation
  • Type approval
  • Security certification to Common Criteria EAL 4+


Products and solutions - Tachograph test suite

Tachograph test suite - your testing system for digital tachograph cards

The achelos tachograph test suite checks the functionality of all tachograph cards in a fully automated test environment. The Eclipse RCPTM based environment facilitates end-to-end tests developed with JavaTM, as well as additional extension functions or customer-specific adjustments of the test environment or test suite.

Main features and benefits:

  • Parallel, fully automatic test execution for all types of tachograph cards in one test session
  • Easy maintenance and extension
  • Free configuration of the cryptographic material
  • Dynamic tests
  • Based on the Qumate.Testcenter
  • Implemented fully in JavaTM
  • Optional: plug-ins, such as certificate generation (PKI)
  • No special hardware required



Products and solutions - virtual.card.kit.eMobility

virtual.card.kit.eMobility – efficient card simulation for digital tachographs

achelos offers a high-performance combination of software and hardware for simulation of 2nd generation tachograph cards. The software is available immediately and provides customers with various options, for example making it easy to implement changes to the card structure or manipulate card behaviour during the runtime.


Main features and benefits:

  • Satisfies the EU regulations for digital tachographs
  • Highly configurable
  • No hardware drivers required


Common Criteria catalogue sets the international standard

The "Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation" represent a uniform international standard to guarantee a high level of security for the respective IT used. Defined documentation and evaluation methods are used to create, test and assess the security of IT systems, products and applications. On the basis of this methodology, achelos offers a structured procedural model to design and implement a comprehensive security concept for critical components in the respective business areas, whereby we base our actions on experience from development, implementation and testing of other security-critical applications:

  • Secure ID
  • Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)
  • Concepts of rights and roles
  • Encryption concepts for persistent memory and communication channels
  • Hardening embedded systems

Procedural model for structured drafting and implementation of a comprehensive security concept for critical components

The procedural model is broken down into the following phases:

This results in the presentation of a qualified basis for decision making in the form of security requirements specifications, whose implementation we would be happy to support.

We would love to be your professional partner for cyber security in the mobility sector

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Director Business Development Mobility


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