Handing over the reins at achelos in Paderborn

Carola Schwarzenberg appointed Managing Director and Kathrin Asmuth moves to the Advisory Board

Paderborn, 3 April 2024 – Kathrin Asmuth, the founder of achelos GmbH and presently Managing Partner, hands over the management reins to Carola Schwarzenberg and assumes her new role as Senior Advisor on the Advisory Board. Schwarzenberg is being promoted from within the company and, alongside Thomas Freitag and Felix Wolf, completes the Executive Board at the system house for cyber security and digital identity management. The business economist has a great deal of experience from having held various management positions at companies in the software industry. For more than seven years, she has helped shape the positive development of achelos and expand the company's Sales, Business Development and Marketing operations. In future, she will also bear responsibility for Human Resources. 

"Looking back at the development of achelos over the last 16 years, I can reflect on a very exciting and rewarding time. I am also delighted that we have been able to put the company on such a sustainable footing. Although I will remain Managing Partner, my new role as Senior Advisor on the Advisory Board means that a place has opened up on the Executive Board. By appointing Carola Schwarzenberg as Managing Director, we are bringing in one of our own team members. Carola has played a key part in shaping the positive business development of achelos over the last seven years and demonstrated her expertise. I have complete faith in her work and she will also receive the best possible support from her Executive Board colleagues, Thomas Freitag and Felix Wolf. With this management team, achelos is in a great position, so I am happy to give up my seat," comments Kathrin Asmuth on the development at achelos and her new role on the Advisory Board.

"I am extremely grateful for the trust the company has displayed in my work and am really looking forward to my new role as Managing Director of the excellent achelos team. Cyber security is one of our primary focuses. As a result of the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), all manufacturers and providers of products with digital elements are obligated to both implement and demonstrate conformity with the security standards. Public key infrastructures and electronic certificates then form the basis for protecting these intelligently networked IoT devices. We have put together suitable packages for all companies and also provide them with comprehensive support in meeting the requirements. We are also looking forward to addressing exciting upcoming topics with regard to the telematics infrastructure in the healthcare sector," reports the new Managing Director. "With achelos, customers have direct access to the latest security technologies and flexible use of our expert knowledge, helping them comply with the stipulations in a timely manner. We accompany and support our customers with an integrative approach – from consulting and conceptual design to software development, certification, and secure operation. To achieve this, we are also looking to further expand our team and are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals that enjoy helping to shape the secure digital world," comments Schwarzenberg, explaining her new role. 

Last year, achelos diligently worked on establishing a clear positioning and a comprehensive range of services and solutions in the field of cyber security and digital identity management. This offering is being very well received in the market, as the new Managing Director is happy to report, and achelos' expert knowledge is also in great demand. "You can now see this for yourself, as we present the offers transparently on our new website," adds the Managing Director, encouraging anyone interested to visit the achelos online presence. Together with her Executive Board colleagues and the team of experts at achelos she is keen to continue working with great commitment towards the sustainable success of the company. 

Carola Schwarzenberg (47) has developed strategic partnerships for achelos and expanded sales, marketing, and business development over the last seven years. The company's strategy is on solid footing. In the area of personnel management, she is enthusiastic about the collegial leadership implemented at achelos and aims to further develop it. Previously she has successfully held various management positions at companies in the software industry and established global partner networks, as well as sales channels. Carola Schwarzenberg lives with her family in Paderborn and enjoys hiking in the mountains to keep fit.

Kathrin Asmuth and Carola Schwarzenberg

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Kathrin Asmuth hands over the baton to Carola Schwarzenberg