New TLS service offering from achelos

Professional add-on for the open source TLS test tool "TaSK" from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Paderborn, 21 June 2023 – The new open source TLS test tool "TaSK" from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) checks Transport Layer Security (TLS) configurations in line with the TR 03116-TS testing specifications. achelos developed the TaSK Framework at the request of the BSI and now offers a comprehensive package of support and add-ons in and around the BSI solution. Manufacturers and testing centres can then test the security and TLS-conformity of a software both efficiently and flexibly, as well as document this in an audit-compliant way. The TR-03116 specifications are intended for use in digitalisation projects of the German Federal Government and therefore also offer orientation for projects in the free economy. With the new TLS service offering, achelos is in particular supporting device manufacturers that have little experience or no available capacities for implementing security requirements and gaining certifications.

The TLS test tool "TaSK" can be used to perform automated tests quickly and easily early on during the product development phase. This not only saves development costs, but also helps get products to market maturity more quickly.

TLS Services by achelos aim to support developers of test suites, security laboratories, device manufacturers and solution providers from the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Automation technology
  • Automotive suppliers involved in networked manufacturing
  • Energy suppliers
  • Public administrations

All of these are called upon to comply with security requirements and certifications to make their products and services more resilient, as well as to demonstrate their effectiveness. Many manufacturers working in networked production operations have never encountered these cyber security requirements before. As such, they can often lack the experience to interpret test results correctly and eliminate errors.

achelos offers TLS services in three different configurations on a requirements-oriented basis:

  • Support: Support in setting up and operating the test tool
  • Consulting & add-ons: Customising of the test tool to meet individual requirements, as well as Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • Managed services: Setting up and operating a publicly accessible test platform

"TLS is now playing a key role in the field of IT security. We are planning to continuously expand our services in this arena. These range from commissioning and support, through attractive graphic user interfaces and provision of releases, all the way up to TaaS - including interpretation of the test results and recommended actions or an on-demand managed service. Not all users have the skills or even the time to get to grips with all of the features of the "TaSK" TLS test tool, so this is where our new scope of TLS services comes into play," comments Heinfried Cznottka, Director Security Solutions at achelos.

Information on the open source version of the new TLS test tool "TaSK" from the BSI

The fact that the BSI has made the TLS test tool "TaSK" available in an open source version not only supports its flexible use by software and device manufacturers, but also good integration and individual expansion stages. The tool has a high degree of automation and supports audit-compliant documentation. The version made available works with TLS servers, TLS clients and other specialist applications, such as eID clients, eID servers and also e-mail servers.

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achelos is considered an experienced partner with the requisite skills to successfully implement and test security requirements for software and devices in line with the technical guidelines of the BSI and relevant standards. Alongside the TLS test tool "TaSK", achelos has also been listed at the BSI with its TLS Checklist Portal ( since May 2021. This allows websites to be security-tested free of charge in line with BSI stipulations.

Learn more about TLS Services by achelos:

Professional add-on for the open source TLS test tool "TaSK" from BSI

achelos presents products and solutions for digitalisation in healthcare at DMEA 2023 | Image: Canva