achelos to showcase comprehensive eHealth solutions at DMEA 2022 in Berlin

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achelos to showcase comprehensive eHealth solutions at DMEA 2022 in Berlin

achelos presents comprehensive eHealth solutions at the DMEA 2022 in Berlin and supports the secure integration and connection to the German telematics infrastructure 2.0. | Graphic: achelos

Secure access into telematics infrastructure with consulting and fully automated test suites - also for mobile applications

Paderborn, April 25, 2022 – achelos GmbH will be present at DMEA, the leading European trade fair for digital health, in Berlin from April 26 to 28, 2022. The consulting and software development firm will be showcasing comprehensive solutions for secure access to the telematics infrastructure (TI). With its TI Simulator, achelos offers a complete simulation environment that can flexibly simulate both central and decentral components of the TI. Alongside offerings for secure handling of electronic identities for identity providers (IDPs), achelos also offers Common Criteria services, as well as products and solutions for automated testing of TI components and applications. For the first time at DMEA, achelos will be presenting automated and gematik-compliant testing of mobile apps based on its own established Qumate testing tool. Under the motto 'Fit for IT security!' achelos will be present as a Bronze Partner of DMEA together with IS4IT Kritis GmbH and Samhammer AG at Stand B 106 in Hall 2.2.

"One of our objectives at DMEA is to specifically address manufacturers of digital health solutions and providers of specialist services, such as digital healthcare or nursing care apps (DiGA, DiPA). Our plan is to implement the connection and integration into the telematics infrastructure 2.0 for these customers. We use our TI Simulator to model the TI for testing purposes and also offer a testing solution for mobile applications. We have been developing TI products and offering IT security consulting services for more than 15 years. We use this expert knowledge to help our customers adapt to new security standards and introduce federated identities. This makes us an attractive partner for many of those attending the trade fair," comments Thomas Freitag, Managing Director at achelos GmbH, looking forward to exchange of ideas at DMEA.

achelos assists customers securely into TI 2.0

Comprehensive specifications lead to high testing costs for manufacturers. Prior to their successful use in TI applications, new components require official approval from gematik, Germany's national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system. By performing and documenting their own tests (so called EVTs), manufacturers can provide evidence that their product complies with the approval requirements. At DMEA, achelos will be presenting the TI Simulator for simulating both central and decentral TI components. Using the test suite allows customers to save time when seeking to introduce and obtain approval for new products. Customers also enjoy the greatest flexibility when using a hosted solution in their own simulation environment.

Automated testing of mobile applications

The Qumate test management system from achelos has ranked among the established testing tools in Germany's digital healthcare sector for years. Qumate allows for gematik-compliant testing of all TI components and secure audit-compliant documentation of the test results. With the new mobile testing feature, achelos has extended Qumate to include a fully automated test version for providers of apps in the healthcare sector. achelos will be showcasing this new Qumate extension for the first time at DMEA in the form of a demo of the electronic patient file (ePA). For this, the health card will be simulated using the Virtual Card Kit from achelos and the process for logging into the ePA tested in an automated approach.

The services offered by achelos range from planning, through development and test management, all the way up to approval of new solutions.

Visitors at DMEA 2022 can expect the following trade fair highlights from achelos:

  • Mobile testing – automated testing, gematik-compliant for app manufacturers
  • IDP solutions and support – secure handling of identities in the eHealth sector
  • Security test suites – for secure TLS and IKE/IPsec network connections
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS) – remote testing for TI components
  • TI simulation – simulates the entire TI
  • Common Criteria support – with comprehensive expert knowledge

achelos presentations in the Solutions Hub at DMEA:

  • Telemedicine meets IT security

Speaker: Gorden Bittner
eHealth Specialist at achelos
Tuesday April 26, 2022 | 15:45 - 15:55
Messe Berlin: Area: _Hub 1, Hall 1.2

  • Ready for TI 2.0: Sustainable testing of TI components and applications

Speaker: Dr. Markus von Detten
Software Specialist at achelos
Wednesday April 27, 2022 | 15:35 - 15:45
Messe Berlin: Area: _Hub 2 | Hall 3.2

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