Daniel Knaup receives award for best master's thesis in mathematics

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Daniel Knaup receives award for best master's thesis in mathematics

Christoph Bröter (left) together with Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schmidt (right) presents Daniel Knaup (center) the prize money of 500 € | Photo: University of Paderborn


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Paderborn, July 14,2022 – The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Paderborn held its graduation ceremony on July 8, 2022. Graduates with the best master's theses were then honoured within this ceremonial setting. Mathematics student Daniel Knaup received the award for the best master's thesis. IT security firm achelos is a longstanding sponsoring partner and was proud to present a EUR 500 cheque as prize money.

"Having been a sponsoring partner for many years, achelos is keen to honour both young students and the high-grade work performed by the University of Paderborn. As a local software development and consulting firm, we work on exciting future topics in and around IT security. Our collegial leadership style with flat hierarchies offers an open, fair and collaborative environment, as well as plenty of creative freedom for every individual. This helps make achelos an attractive employer. We would like to congratulate Daniel Knaup on his outstanding master's thesis," comments Kathrin Asmuth, Managing Partner at achelos.

Christoph Bröter, Development Team Lead at achelos took part in the graduation ceremony. Following a two-year break, it was once again possible to hold this as a physical event, including a ceremonial address by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Löwer, former President of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as music by the "Night Orchestra" group. Christoph Bröter from achelos congratulated Daniel Knaup on his award for the best master's thesis and presented him with a cheque for EUR 500. Daniel Knaup wrote his master's thesis on the topic of "Probabilistic and analytic methods in the analysis of absorbed Langevin processes".


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