achelos offers for the public sector

Comprehensive security portfolio for critical infrastructures

Cyber attacks are increasing quite dramatically

The rising number of cyber attacks is forcing everyone involved to implement protective and security mechanisms, which themselves need to be continuously updated to reflect the latest state of the art technology. The focus is on attacks to critical infrastructures, the public sector and companies. The methods employed by the attackers have become extremely professional, ranging from random unstructured attempts, all the way up to precisely selected cyber attacks with specific, individual targets. Hackers are now using highly strategic tactics.

Indeed, the number of
malware versions was
in excess of 620 million
in August 2017 alone.
Source: German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)


Data protection is the top priority

The German government has been a pioneer in the field of digital security for many years. Data protection is the top priority, as it represents the basis of trust among citizens in secure public administration systems.

Greater security in a networked world

achelos offers an innovative portfolio of products and solutions on the basis of the latest technologies and encryption methods. We have been active in the market as a manufacturer-independent software development house for more than ten years. achelos works on major projects both nationally and throughout Europe that focus on the security of personal, confidential and particularly sensitive data.

Our technical solutions range from conceptual design and specification, through development and integration, all the way up to the testing in security-critical fields of application.

Security in the public sector

Greater security for digital identities in the public sector

We also have further reference projects in various fields, including the following:

  • Electronic ID systems (ID documents)
  • Electronic health cards (eGK, telematics infrastructure)
  • Digital tachographs and driving licenses
  • Bank cards with chip
  • Security in electronic communication
  • Public Key Infrastructures
  • Digital signatures

Process-oriented technology consulting for the new ID document

The German government introduced the new ID document (nPA) in Germany on November 1, 2010. With process-oriented technology consulting, as well as integration of eID solutions in and around the new ID document, achelos has permanently established itself in the public sector as an expert in secure nPA business processes. The team at achelos has profound knowledge of smart card and PKI technology throughout the entire added value chain.

High-performance tool for nPA conformity tests

achelos has developed a powerful test suite for both standard and premium ID card readers. The security product is based on Qumate, the convenient test platform from achelos, and is being used by leading terminal manufacturers. Above all, the Java-based system offers software and hardware developers comprehensive debugging and reporting functionalities.

products and solutions

Secure IT infrastructures for successful digitisation

The solutions offered by achelos support the public sector in implementing the IT security and E-Government objectives for establishing a uniform level of security. Successful digitisation is only possible through secure IT infrastructures. achelos is establishing itself in the public sector with a targeted portfolio of products and solutions.

What achelos can offer the public sector:

Innovative technical solutions for security-critical fields of application, including the following:

  • ID documents (nPA)
  • Electronic health cards (eGK)
  • Security in electronic communication (TLS and IKE/IPsec)
  • Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs)
  • Digital signatures

Expert knowledge in the field of security and prevention:

  • Conceptual design
  • Specification
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Testing security-relevant software

IT security consulting

  • GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System)
  • B3S

Drawing up test concepts

  • for conformity testing with technical specifications and BSI guidelines

Preparation of evaluations and certifications to security standards such as:

  • Common Criteria
  • FIPS

Qumate by achelos:

  • High-performance test management tool suite for automating test procedures

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Security and prevention as core competency

The services offered by achelos encompass drafting of test concepts for conformity tests with technical specifications and BSI guidelines, as well as preparation of evaluations and certifications to security standards, such as Common Criteria, PCI-DSS or FIPS.

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Expertise in development, testing and certification to eIDAS

achelos also uses its expertise in development, testing and certification work for the new EU eIDAS Regulation. In a project from the banking world, for example, support was provided to secure certification to the stipulations of the Common Criteria (CC) protection profile in the context of eIDAS for a remote signature module.

Expert knowledge for a secure future

We help our customers implement legal and individual security requirements in stable, user-friendly and sustainable solutions. This starts with consulting, employing a great deal of expert knowledge, continues throughout our development activities with "Security by Design" and ends with the customer, who then benefits from flexible and high-performance solutions, the results of which flow into verifiable documentation.

The achelos team comprises recognised experts in security technology that have implemented projects worldwide.

Heinfried Cznottka

Director Security Solutions


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