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As digitisation in the healthcare sector advances, it presents numerous new challenges for healthcare providers. The goal is to establish a connected, digital healthcare system in Germany. To achieve this, TI 2.0 – the next generation of TI – will enhance the telematics infrastructure (TI) and serve as the foundation alongside the electronic patient record.

These enhanced technical capabilities introduce a plethora of new services and offerings, such as ePrescriptions, digital health applications (DiGA) and secure messaging services.

New products and services must receive official authorisation from gematik before they can be effectively utilised in the telematics infrastructure. This central authority defines the requirements and specifications. Manufacturers are obligated to demonstrate the interoperability, security and functionality of their products.

New offers require proof of interoperability, security and functionality

For well over 15 years, achelos has been offering advice and assistance to clients in developing TI products. Many of our experts have been involved in the digitisation of the healthcare sector since its inception to the present day. Throughout this journey, our experts have closely monitored the evolution of the electronic health card in Germany over recent years. From drafting feasibility studies and supporting Common Criteria certifications to developing robust, automated test suites – our specialist knowledge spans many different areas.

In terms of healthcare digitisation, we guide our clients right from the initial stages, providing planning, development, test management and the approval of new products, components or solutions.

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We are your trusted partner for ensuring a secure connection to the telematics infrastructure in the healthcare sector.

Stakeholders in the healthcare sector have been digitally exchanging information for several years. Yet, the chosen communication channels often prove complex and lack security.

In mid-2024, the TI-Messenger will be launched as an interoperable messaging standard, marking its entry into TI 2.0 as a core product. gematik's current planning includes three product variants of the TI-Messenger with a new user focus:

  • TI-Messenger Pro - focus on health professionals
  • TI-Messenger ePA - focus on insured persons
  • TI-Messenger Connect - focus on value-added applications

achelos is a renowned expert in telematics infrastructure. We can assist you in the development and approval process of your TI Messenger in compliance with gematik specifications and provide guidance on integration with the TI.

In the future, digital identities will supersede the electronic health card, leading to enhanced quality of care in the healthcare sector. Patients will be able to utilise their digital identity to conveniently authenticate themselves across a range of digital healthcare services offered by the telematics infrastructure (TI).

Since 1 January 2024, statutory health insurance companies have been offering their policyholders the use of alternative insurance identities.

As part of the digital transformation and progression towards TI 2.0, digital identities are also planned for service providers such as doctors, clinics and hospitals. These identities will replace the current electronic health professional cards (eHBA) and the clinic or institution cards.

An identity provider service (IDP) must be established and authorised to furnish digital identities. This digital service generates and manages alternative insurance identities while ensuring a high level of security for personal data. IDP approval is contingent upon the requisite implementation of ‘self-responsible tests’ (EVT).

achelos offers comprehensive support to future providers and operators in developing and authorising a sectoral identity provider (IDP). Our portfolio of services ranges from consulting and development to testing and approval assistance.

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