Efficient integration of cybersecurity into the vehicle development process

achelos brings profound expertise in cryptography and embedded systems to every stage of vehicle cybersecurity projects. With extensive experience in developing and evaluating secure software, as well as our involvement in assessing high-security products according to Common Criteria, both as a test centre and as a manufacturer, we have the skills and capabilities you need. 

Our accumulated experience can help you drastically cut down on costs and time, especially during the evaluation period. Sidestep the hassle of expensive tweaks down the line with our assistance.

Secure software starts with risk assessment. Our automotive security experts, proficient in threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA for short), simplify the process of defining security prerequisites for your vehicle. Our security engineers design and run security workshops to identify and evaluate potential threats to vehicle component safety, laying the groundwork for establishing security objectives and requirements in subsequent project stages.

Throughout the entire development journey, our automotive security specialists are by your side, collating security prerequisites and collaborating with your team to devise robust security architectures. Serving as the principal liaison for your development team on matters of product security, they ensure seamless integration of security considerations into your project.

Requirements Engineering provides excellent methods for formulating testable safety requirements. Adopting this approach, our security engineers collaborate with your technical experts and system architects, refining security concepts and architectures iteratively.

Naturally, we uphold relevant standards such as ISO 21434 at every step.

Integration partner for high-security V2X applications

As a trusted integration partner for Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology, we facilitate the integration of cybersecurity and cryptographic functions into embedded Secure Elements (eSE) and Hardware Security Modules (HSM). This enhances the resilience of ICS vehicle components to comply with product certification standards.

Over the years, the security engineers at achelos have amassed profound expertise in developing security-centric applications and smart card operating systems. This comprehensive knowledge, spanning health insurance cards and bank cards, has significantly influenced our approach to addressing stringent high-security standards. 

As a manufacturer-independent systems integrator, we provide our clients with the flexibility to integrate and develop products and solutions tailored to their exact specifications.

Any questions? Your contact person for queries in this field is:

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Director Business Development

michael.jahnich@achelos.de +49 5251 14212-378

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