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Progressive digitalisation brings with it increasing volumes of data that companies need to protect from loss or misuse. Data needs to be encrypted and the keys must be kept and managed safely. The larger the data volume, the more keys need to be generated and safeguarded and the greater the resulting burden of managing them safely. This task can be taken over by hardware security modules (HSMs).

HSMs are considered to be particular secure from manipulation. They offer secure cryptographic processes using random number generators to create keys, which they then also protect and manage. These keys can be used to encrypt and decrypt data and to create digital signatures and certificates. HSMs are useful everywhere – whether for protecting personal data, creating signatures for certificates or communication via the web portals of banks or authorities.

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achelos has comprehensive expertise when it comes to successfully using standard HSMs or customised certifiable HSM solutions to protect your data effectively.

Our customers enjoy maximum efficiency while retaining full control over costs thanks to an ideal combination of consultation, professional services and development and certification support.

Standard HSM solution

achelos supports you at every stage of your HSM project. The first stage is to define your requirements. At the analysis stage, we enlist your help in identifying which HSM solution is ideal for your particular application. In many cases, it will be possible to use a standard HSM solution from one of our established partners. We then integrate and develop applications, assist you with initial operation and offer support for day-to-day operation.  

HSM firmware development

In the event of particular requirements that are not covered by a standard HSM solution, we recommend adapting the firmware. In addition to the services which we offer in relation to development and initial operation of a standard HSM solution, we are also pleased to develop customer-specific HSM firmware for you. The team at achelos supports you with planning, architecture and software development, as well as with successful certification of the new firmware (PCI PTS HSM).

HSM consulting by achelos

HSM consulting by achelos

Whether you opt for a standard HSM or a tailor-made, individually adapted system – as an independent provider, achelos always has the ideal solution. We rely on established and certified HSM products created by our strong network of partners.

Our experienced team of developers, consultants, testers and trainers also ensures smooth planning, provision and initial operation of your new HSM environment.

Partners of achelos are Utimaco, Thales and Securosys

IT environments in which keys are saved are often subject to regulatory requirements and need to be certified or audited. The experts from achelos have extensive know-how at their fingertips about certification of security-critical products and applications. We rely exclusively on certified standard products and provide support with auditing and/or certification of the environment in which the HSM is used.

In addition, we offer the development of customer-specific HSM firmware, including support with certification of the overall solution. With our own CC site certification, achelos can also provide holistic support with sophisticated development products. We ensure your new HSM solution meets all relevant regulatory requirements. This means you are ideally equipped for any certifications or audits.

With achelos, you have full control over your costs. All the products required and our HSM expert know-how can be called up individually and used flexibly.

These include:

  • Consultation to select and design the ideal HSM environment
  • Development of tailor-made HSM solutions
  • Preparation for successful certification or auditing of your overall solution

This saves time, minimises project risks and saves your own resources. Benefit from an ideal mix of consultation, professional services, development and certification support.

Any questions? Your contact person for queries in this field is:

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Director Business Development +49 5251 14212-378

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