Secure operation for industrial PKI

Protected against cyber attacks with secure products

Cybersecurity is high up on the agenda for commercial enterprises in the wake of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Cyber attacks are now deemed the biggest commercial risk for companies worldwide. The market needs secure products that are seasoned to withstand hacker attacks and offer solutions that come with some form of proof of security, such as a security certification in line with IEC 62443. 

Manufacturers need high-quality electronic certificates that prove the authenticity of their products' hardware and software if they seek to meet the certification requirements for industrial IoT devices in line with the specifications of IEC 62443. 

achelos provides a full range of services geared to setting up new or migrating existing public key infrastructure systems. Our offer ranges from system planning right through to the provision of systems and secure operation.

Highly available cloud architecture

Particularly when it comes to establishing secure operation of an industrial PKI, many manufacturers find themselves confronted with major challenges. Not only is there a need to build up specific expertise internally, but they are also faced with the task of operating and maintaining the IT infrastructure. This often breaches the bounds of the company's core business. achelos steps in here with its tailor-made managed services for public key infrastructures. 

The managed services portfolio that achelos has to offer includes the following services:

  • Planning an ideal solution architecture
  • Installing and configuring the PKI system
  • Administration of PKI functions of the customer’s system
  • Managing CA certificates, such as certificate changes
  • Maintaining and backing up the systems
  • Updating software and managing patches
  • Documenting any configuration changes
  • Monitoring the availability of the PKI system
  • Connection and administration of the underlying HSMs and databases
  • Monitoring the log files
  • Providing revocation information (e.g. OCSP service or CRL)

Our solutions are built with a defined cloud architecture which offers high availability. The IT infrastructure can be afforded by a cloud provider or a dedicated data centre. We are able to draw on the services of a selected partner network to provide the best possible PKI solution for our customers.

We work hand in hand with you in setting up your PKI to ensure it precisely mirrors your requirements and delivers secure operation.

achelos Partner Keyfactor, MTG, Nexus, Utimaco, Thales und Securosys

As a system integrator, we support you holistically in setting up new PKI systems or migrating existing ones while giving you full cost control. We remain your central point of contact throughout every stage of the project. After commissioning, we can provide reliable support services and tailor-made managed services. 

Benefit from access to an experienced team of experts and enjoy recourse to our expertise whenever needed after your project. We strive for long-term partnerships based on trust and cooperation! 

Any questions? Your contact person for queries in this field is:

Dr. Michael Jahnich

Director Business Development +49 5251 14212-378

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