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Fulfil technical guidelines with certainty

IT products and systems designed for security-critical applications must adhere to the most stringent security standards, as outlined in the Technical Guidelines (TR) published by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The detailed implementation of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption standard is further specified within the various application-specific TRs issued by the BSI.

achelos’ TLS services offer efficient and effective testing of TLS compliance for both devices and software. We ensure the proper implementation of TLS throughout the development of new solutions.

Tailor-made professional security assessment

TaSK is an open source TLS test tool developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), designed to test Transport Layer Security (TLS) configurations following the TR 03116-TS test specification.

achelos developed the TaSK framework on behalf of the BSI and offers a comprehensive package of support and extensions for this BSI solution. With TaSK, manufacturers and testing bodies can efficiently and flexibly test the security and TLS compliance of software.

The TaSK Framework offers a robust and adaptable TLS test tool enabling cost-effective and efficient testing of devices and software for relevant security requirements.

When coupled with the achelos service packages and extensions, you also benefit from improved usability and superior support for testing your individual IT security needs.

Advantages of the TLS test tool ‘TaSK’


The ‘TaSK’ TLS testing tool is freely accessible and distributed as an open source solution under the EUPL (European Union Public Licence). Based on Linux, this solution facilitates thorough, automated testing of all criteria specified in the BSI’s Technical Guidelines for TLS Servers, TLS Clients, eID Servers, eID Clients, Email Servers and Smart Meter Gateways.

Transparent & flexible

With the open source TLS business model, there’s complete transparency in the test implementation and the flexibility to make custom adjustments. Integration into your development environment and existing test systems is seamless via the REST interface. The open source version also features basic reporting and an audit-proof documentation function to ensure the traceability of test execution.

360° Service

achelos offers a wide-ranging service package of support and extensions for the open source TLS test tool solution. From standard support to customised modifications, we offer a range of options tailored to your needs. Additionally, we can assist in managing the test execution and operation of a publicly accessible test platform.


The TLS Standard Edition comprises basic access to the achelos expert team for enquiries and assistance, access to the ticketing system, and delivery of up-to-date releases of the BSI test suite from the GitHub repository.

The TLS Enterprise Edition includes everything offered in standard support, plus additional access to the achelos expert team and continuous improvements such as a web GUI for easier test suite usage.

Consulting, TaaS and extensions

Let us assist you in adapting the TLS test suite to suit your specific needs. This could involve integrating further segment-specific test cases or connecting additional components. With the achelos team overseeing the process, rest assured your custom solution meets all BSI requirements.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in development, testing and certification support! If necessary, we can manage the entire testing process on your behalf or operate a publicly accessible testing platform, ensuring availability 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Managed Services 

achelos can also set up and maintain a publicly accessible testing platform based on the open source TLS solution. This service can be bundled with either the Standard Support or the Enterprise Support.

Expansion stages of the TLS services by achelos

  • Freely available via open source
  • Flexible use and integration
  • High degree of automation
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Customised expansion stages
  • 360° service
  • Professional test support
  • Testing as a Service
  • Managed services

With a proven track record in IT security for critical infrastructures, achelos is well-equipped to support you in effectively implementing and assessing the security requirements of software and devices as per the technical guidelines of the BSI and relevant standards. We have many years of experience in testing TLS, including in Common Criteria procedures, and can provide you with optimal and targeted support.

Any questions? Your contact person for queries in this field is:

Heinfried Cznottka

Director Security Solutions +49 5251 14212-327

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