Test suite for the eHealth-CardLink

Redeeming e-prescriptions via smartphone and eGK

Electronic prescribing allows all involved parties to map structured data across different nodes. The eHealth-CardLink (eCL) is a remote access solution for the telematics infrastructure, unlocking new potential for those involved.

In the future, eCL will enable other mobile online scenarios within the telematics infrastructure (TI). Patients will soon be able to use the eGK to access additional low-threshold services, such as ePrescriptions, without the need for a PIN. To do this, the application (e.g. an online pharmacy app) uses a client in the CardLink provider’s app on the insured person’s smartphone. This requires a smartphone with an integrated card reader (NFC interface) and Internet access.

A later stage of the eHealth-CardLink will add more services. This patient-centric perspective paves the way for other beneficial digital applications.

Establishing a secure connection to the TI

Technically, the eHealth-CardLink is a subset of the established eHealth-Card reader. It consists of two main components, one located in the provider’s data centre and an application installed on the mobile phone (typically the manufacturer’s app). 

The CardLink establishes a secure connection via the smartphone and uses the eGK to connect to the telematics infrastructure. The connector is located in the CardLink provider’s data centre.

achelos works closely with application vendors in the telematics infrastructure space, assisting them with the approval of the eHealth-CardLink. We are using an established achelos test suite that has already been developed and extensively tested for the approval of eHealth-Card readers and which we have further developed specifically for the eHealth CardLink. 

The new CardLink Inspector from achelos contains our many years of practical experience from numerous gematik approval processes, including cooperation with eHealth-Card reader manufacturers, and provides significant technical and professional advantages for eHealth-CardLink manufacturers.

In the test setup, we also use the achelos Virtual Card Kit, a powerful combination of software and hardware components for efficient smart card simulation of operating systems and applications.

eHealth-CardLink Test-Setup

We support you in the successful authorisation of your eHealth-CardLink in accordance with gematik specifications:

  • Fully automated testing of the CardLink implementation in the data centre
  • Ensuring product security by identifying potential anomalies at external interfaces
  • Approval support 
  • Documentation
  • Test support | gematik EVT
  • Software development

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