For a secure start to the telematics infrastructure

The TI Simulator as a complete TI simulation environment

The Telematics Infrastructure (TI) serves as the vital link connecting all stakeholders and institutions within the German healthcare sector, enabling the swift and accessible flow of information. It stands as the cornerstone of digitising the healthcare market.

Manufacturers must obtain official authorisation from gematik before their new components can be successfully integrated into the telematics infrastructure. To demonstrate compliance with gematik's requirements, manufacturers conduct and document Self-Responsible Tests (EVT). The TI Simulator, developed by achelos, offers a uniform simulation environment for the telematics infrastructure, facilitating the execution and documentation of EVT.

Fast and convenient entry to TI through your own access to a simulation environment

achelos provides a complete TI simulation environment with the TI Simulator, allowing for flexible simulation of both central and decentralised TI components.

This homogeneous TI simulation environment fully supports EVT documentation generation and offers diverse manipulation capabilities. Beyond standard scenarios, it facilitates reliable simulation and testing of fault modelling processes. The TI presents all required systems and components in a standardised manner. With achelos' hosted simulation environment, each participant receives their own instance.

Creating an appropriate TI simulation environment for EVT, and its subsequent documentation, necessitates a combination of various systems, such as terminals, connectors and a reference environment.

This brings a number of challenges with it:

  • Custom test configuration – Some products may solely rely on central TI components, while others might call for additional elements like practice facilities or insurance interfaces. Assembling the required components often involves sourcing them from various channels.
  • Testing of faulty behaviour – This is a critical requirement outlined by gematik specifications. However, the reference environment is limited to only testing correct communication flows.
  • Availability – The reference environment is equally available to all participants. Bottlenecks are therefore a foreseen issue.


With the TI Simulator's array of manipulation features, you can effectively simulate and test error scenarios in addition to standard cases. This holistic approach ensures adherence to gematik specifications, streamlining the preparation of your new products for TI deployment and gematik approval.

A complete solution from a single source

With the TI Simulator, you benefit from a unified simulation environment that faithfully depicts all essential systems and components. Customised adjustments within defined parameters mitigate risks associated with system integration, offering a seamless solution from the outset. achelos provides an all-in-one solution and serves as your sole, centralised contact, simplifying communication.

Always available 

Benefit from a hosted solution. Test your products in a flexible simulation environment, tailored to your needs. Conduct tests as often and as long as required for your specific product development and certification preparation. This speeds up time to market, giving you a competitive edge.

Reliable and proven

In tandem to the TI Simulator, achelos offers tailored test suites featuring advanced automation, thorough reporting and tamper-proof documentation.

This adaptable simulation environment, coupled with achelos' test suites, has played a pivotal role in numerous client projects, facilitating the approval of TI services and components.

With the help of our reliable and proven tool suite, you can confidently conduct and document independent EVT for new TI components and products, ensuring safety and convenience throughout the process.

TI Simulator by achelos

achelos has many years of experience in consulting and developing TI products. As security experts, we assist manufacturers of digital eHealth solutions and developers of specialised applications – including digital healthcare or care treatment apps (DiGA, DiPA) – in seamlessly integrating into the TI environment. We provide guidance on navigating new security standards and implementing federated identity frameworks. Our end-to-end support encompasses planning, development, rigorous testing and ultimate solution approval, ensuring our clients' journey is smooth and successful.

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