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Transport Layer Security (TLS) is crucial for transmitting sensitive information online, prioritising data security above all else. As a cryptographic protocol, TLS enables secure communication over the Internet, offering benefits beyond encryption and becoming the standard for securing IT networks. 

Nevertheless, implementing TLS and correctly using existing libraries poses significant challenges. The numerous configuration options in production systems can create security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Therefore, software for safety-critical devices must meet strict security requirements outlined by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in its Technical Guidelines (TR).

Professional certification support according to relevant standards

The TLS Inspector by achelos provides robust test suites that allow manufacturers and testing centres to efficiently and flexibly assess software for security and compliance in security-critical devices. 

The achelos TLS test suites are already optimised and pre-configured to meet BSI and Common Criteria requirements, comprehensively covering all BSI requirements. The TLS Inspector offers advanced automation features and seamless integration into other systems.

achelos’ TLS Inspector test suites provide flexible options, including automated test runs, along with robust test management functionality and diverse simulation environments. The comprehensive analyses assess the implementation of security protocols and documents results in a verifiable manner.

Independently verify the security and compliance of your products, solutions and services, regardless of the manufacturer. Detect gaps and errors in the network connection or web service implementations, and effectively employ specific security measures to address them. 

The test objectives are to examine the entire TLS connection set-up, including mutual authentication, and to analyse responses to incorrect behaviour. For example:

  • Missing or incorrect communication parts
  • Incorrect key material
  • Incorrect certificates
  • Unsuitable cipher suites
  • Incorrect reaction to manipulations

TLS test suite protocols guarantee authenticity, integrity and confidentiality

The test case catalogue of the TLS Inspector is continually expanding and is based on requirements from the following sources:

  • Functional specifications
  • Technical Guidelines (TR) published by the BSI
  • Certifications
  • Cryptographic standards
  • Application notes for Common Criteria certification
  • Evaluation standards
  • Penetration tests
  • Common Criteria documentation requirements

Automated test procedures for professionals

achelos supports

  • Network component manufacturers
  • Evaluators and certifiers
  • System operators
  • IT departments in companies
  • Public Institutions

to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Numerous testing and evaluation institutions currently utilise achelos test suites to perform tests as part of accredited testing procedures.

Architecture of the TLS Inspector test environment

Our TLS Inspector test environment features a modular architecture and implementation. This allows for the integration of various test suites, tools and simulations. Automated tests and detailed test reports are used to measure product quality. A powerful PC is all that’s needed. No special IT infrastructure or elaborate laboratory set-up is required.

Architecture of the TLS Inspector test environment

  • Simple verification of websites in accordance with BSI guidelines
  • Prevention of configuration errors
  • Compliance with BSI security guidelines
  • Cost savings through faster certification
  • Efficient testing thanks to advanced automation
  • Convenient simulation environment and ease of use
  • Test scope, test depth and attack scenarios can be customised
  • Reproducible and audit-proof documentation of test results
  • Manufacturer-independent test environment
  • Development of the test suites in collaboration with an accredited test centre

The test suites, including test tools, are available individually:

  • TLS Client Inspector
  • TLS Server Inspector
  • TLS Checklist Inspector


  • Simulation environment
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

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