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IT security and data protection are paramount in electronic data traffic, especially in relation to the software utilised in Smart Meters and Smart Meter Gateways. Given the sensitivity of personal and household data, TLS Smart Metering data protection must adhere to the highest security standards. Compliance with TR-03116-3 as mandated by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is essential for seamlessly integrating these devices into the Smart Grid.

The TLS Smart Metering Inspector from achelos is meticulously designed to fulfil the criteria of both Common Criteria and BSI TR-03116-3. The pre-configured TLS Smart Metering Test Suite comprehensively addresses all BSI requirements.

Featuring advanced automation, easy integration with other systems, and an intuitive web-based interface, the test suite offers exceptional usability. Detailed reporting and audit-proof documentation also guarantee the traceability of test execution.

With the TLS Smart Metering Inspector, you are optimally prepared for certifying your Smart Meters and Smart Meter Gateways:

Efficient right from the start

Smart Meter software undergoes rigorous domain-specific testing to ensure robustness, correct implementation, and vulnerability identification. Early integration of the test suite into the development environment effectively prevents unnecessary iterations during certification.


Its advanced automation and user-friendly interface allow for up to 90% reduction in costs and up to 85% decrease in testing time compared to manual testing.


Integration into build environments (CI, CD) is made easy with REST services, ensuring that professional test tools are readily available whenever and wherever needed.

The TLS Smart Metering Inspector features a modular architecture, enabling the integration of diverse test suites, tools, and simulations. It performs automated tests for TLS servers and clients and delivers exhaustive test reports for assessing product quality.

The TLS Smart Metering Inspector offers:

  • Pre-configured test cases, optimised for BSI TR-03116-3
  • Complete and reliable coverage of test scope and test depth according to BSI
  • High degree of automation
  • Provision of REST services
  • Web GUI based on web services
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Simple operability
  • Flexible use and integration

Architecture of the achelos TLS Smart Metering Inspector

With years of extensive experience, we offer unparalleled support in development, testing and certification support, serving both manufacturers and certification bodies. Our mission is to assist our clients in translating legal and individual security mandates into stable, user-centric and future-proof solutions. Consulting services mark the initial phase of a process that integrates ‘Security by Design’ principles from inception to implementation, culminating in the delivery of flexible, robust solutions.

With our recognised expertise in data protection within critical infrastructures, achelos is the perfect partner for ensuring the successful certification of Smart Meters and Smart Meter Gateways, adhering to relevant standards and Common Criteria.

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