The Virtual Card Kit supports contactless communication

Combining software and hardware components, achelos’ Virtual Card Kit offers a robust solution for simulating smart cards within operating systems and applications. Included in the product bundle is the Virtual Card Simulation featuring the smart card operating system, along with the Virtual Card Box for establishing a physical connection to the external environment.

The high-performance product package for direct simulation connections and as a component in other achelos test suites

Key features of the Virtual Card Kit

  • Supports both contactless and contact-based communication and fulfils the requirements of the German healthcare market.
  • Simulates physical and logical smart card processes (operating system and card application)
  • Provides interfaces for reading, saving and modifying the internal states of the operating system
  • Protocols card activity and supports the manipulation of card behaviour during runtime
  • Supports smart card simulations for various industries, e.g. healthcare and automotive
  • Enables the connection of ProsoSim, the ID card simulator to offer alternative authentication for the German healthcare market

Convenient Ethernet interface for direct simulation connection

The Virtual Card Kit offers convenient access through an Ethernet interface, eliminating the need for special drivers or installations. It establishes a direct connection to PC-supported simulations. Operating within a Java Runtime Environment, the Virtual Card Simulation communicates with the outside world via the Virtual Card Box.

Component for development and testing environments

The Virtual Card Kit seamlessly integrates as a component within the highly automated achelos test environment, complete with associated test suites. Renowned for its reliability and market-proven performance, it serves as an invaluable tool for implementing and testing smart card-related components and applications.

Function of the achelos Virtual Card Kit

The Virtual Card Kit offers versatile functionality, serving as both a standalone smart card simulation and a complementary tool alongside the achelos test suites. The product is a powerful solution for top-tier quality assurance. With comprehensive object systems, it facilitates the simulation of various electronic card types crucial for the German healthcare market, including eGK, HBA, SMC-B, SMC-K, and SMC-KT, all supported by RSA and ECC cryptography.

Another feature of the robust smart card simulation is the connection to the ID card simulator PersoSim, an open source application from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). All profiles and interfaces to PersoSim are also available.

The Virtual Card Kit in combination with the PersoSim offers app developers, manufacturers and health insurance companies from the eHealth sector an additional authentication method to securely connect their products or specialised applications to the telematics infrastructure (TI). Exchanged commands can be read and logged in real time. The Virtual Card Kit also offers a range of manipulations at APDU level. The contactless adapter of the Virtual Card Box for example can be used with an NFC-enabled smartphone and the AusweisApp2.

More details on the ID card simulator can be found here:

  • Fully compliant with German health card simulation (according to official gematik specifications)
  • Flexible configuration
  • Protocols internal execution and status
  • Interface for manipulating behaviour during the simulation runtime
  • Market-tested product
  • ‘Plug-and-play’ – no special drivers required
  • Enables the connection of PersoSim, the ID card simulator, as an alternative authentication method

The Virtual Card Kit is an in-house development by achelos. It enables individual customisation and expansion of the components. Please get in touch!

  • Virtual Card Box
  • Virtual Card Simulation
  • Virtual Card Adapter | Probe (ID-1, ID-000)
  • Mains adapter for power supply
  • Mains lead
  • Documentation | Manual
  • Object systems for health and tachograph cards

The following smart card simulations are included in the Virtual Card Kit

  • 2nd generation German Health card (eGK, HBA, SMC, SMC-K and SMC-KT)
  • 1st and 2nd generation Tachograph card (driver, workshop, control and company card
  • German ID card by connecting with PersoSim

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