Successfully mastering the challenges of the telematics infrastructure

TI Services

Secure TI solutions through customised services

With the conversion of the telematics infrastructure (TI) to TI 2.0, a paradigm shift is currently taking place in the German health care market. The goal is a fully connected, digital health system that enables easy participation of all players in digital medicine and ensures better care. Applications should be available to everyone more quickly and be easy to use.

New technical possibilities open the door for innovative services and products in the German healthcare sector. Before they can be successfully used in the TI, these usually require official approval by the gematik.

New providers in particular are well advised to get an experienced partner at their side to master the complex challenges of approval processes.

TI Services by achelos

achelos supports manufacturers of digital eHealth solutions and providers of specialised services in the development, testing and certification of TI components and services holistically in accordance with gematik requirements.

This starts with consulting before and during the entire project period, continues with individual test services in combination with powerful, automated test suites and extends to the complete takeover of development, testing and documentation.

TI Services by achelos

A powerful combination: Cybersecurity and TI expertise from a single source


Successful products through tailored support

Benefit from our advice tailored to your individual requirements and projects! Regardless of whether you are just starting out with the telematics infrastructure or already have extensive knowledge in dealing with the TI, we support you individually with regard to the needs of your company. This is how your business idea becomes a success!

achelos masters the entire value chain in order to support your projects holistically. In addition to distinctive telematics know-how, we have in-depth knowledge in the areas of security, smart cards, digital identities as well as HSM and PKI technology.

Complementary to the regulatory component, we support you in technical questions concerning the system architecture as well as the project implementation within the structure of the technical health care system.

We advise and support you on the following topics, among others:

  • System architecture
  • Licensing requirements
  • Technical guidelines

The perfect start

A workshop is an ideal start to record your requirements in detail. Together with you, we develop a common understanding, identify the required measures, and draw up a timetable for implementation.

Contents of a requirements workshop


Optimal software development right from the start

We support our customers with customised solutions within the telematics infrastructure. During development, the TI-specific requirements for gematik-compliant, certifiable software are taken into account right from the start.

By combining automated test procedures and development according to the "Security by Design" principle, achelos also offers the highest quality for security-relevant software.

Flexible and quick access to the TI

You can flexibly deploy our TI experts in various expansion stages:

  • in consulting, e.g. for evaluation support,
  • integrated into your own development team (e.g. system architects, security architects, cryptography experts),
  • or even for taking over complete component and system developments.

The required technologies and TI-specific expert knowledge are directly available to you and can be used as needed. This saves your time and resources.

Service expansion stages in software development



achelos offers individual test services as well as powerful test tools to test your products, solutions and services for security and conformity. We support you throughout the entire process, from specification to documentation as well as the provision of all relevant documents for approval.

We determine the scope and depth of the audit in advance together with you. This way, we develop your individual test suite as well as supplementary simulations. In doing so, we take into account the current status of the gematik's specifications, concepts and releases.

Quality assurance at the highest level

Our test suites are based on Qumate by achelos, achelos' innovative solution for vendor-independent end-to-end testing of IT networks, products and solutions.

The architecture and implementation of our test suites is modular. Based on achelos' test centre Qumate, various test suites, tools and simulations can be integrated. Automated tests and detailed test reports measure the product quality.

With our customised services, automated test suites and powerful simulations, you have the optimal preparation for your start into the TI.

Successfully mastering the challenges of the telematics infrastructure!

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