Software development solutions

Software development based on the "Security by Design" principle

Secure and efficient right from the start

The experts at achelos have a great deal of experience and well-founded expertise in the development of software solutions for security-critical fields of application. According to the "Security by Design" principle, we consistently implement the requirements of our customers in secure products and solutions.

As pioneers, we have a pronounced understanding of products. We are proven experts in the field of security technology and cryptography. Our customers benefit from this innovative capacity and professional implementation by an experienced team of developers. We have successfully implemented our ideas in a large number of national and international development projects. We take international security standards into account and guarantee high quality.

Benefits of a solution developed by achelos

  • Experts with vast project experience and profound knowledge of security technology and cryptography
  • Fast and flexible support in the event of resource bottlenecks
  • Agile development process with transparent results in each project phase
    • State-of-the-art development process and tool chain
      • For example use of Jira as a problem-, project- and task management tool, continuous integration (CI), …
  • Taking into account national and international security standards
  • Project management via secure communication channels

Software development according to the security by design principle

Software development services by achelos

Software development services by achelos

achelos develops highly secure operating systems for embedded systems

Our references include operating system developments for:

  • MasterCard, Visa (EMV)
  • Secure Chip Card Operating System (SECCOS®)
  • Digital tachograph (tachographs and smart cards)
  • Electronic health cards (eGK)
  • eHealth card terminals
  • New ID documents (nPA)
  • Smart Meter Gateway: security module


achelos has a great deal of development expertise in various fields:

  • system architectures
  • semiconductors
  • cryptographic libraries
  • contact and contactless products


EMV – secure payment systems perfectly implemented

Operating systems for credit and payment cards are subject to strict requirements in terms of functionality and security. The EMV standard (Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa) governs the processes in detail and for example describes the dynamic (DDA) and static (SDA) data authentication or the SEPA connection.

The team at achelos has long-standing expertise in the development and testing of operating systems and applications for credit cards and SIM cards with payment function. Implementation of and support for MasterCard and Visa certification processes represents just one further aspect of the development and consulting services offered by achelos. Whether product development or revisions to existing products – our knowledge will ensure that your EMV project achieves the desired results both quickly and reliably.


Experience in EMV projects:

  • Development of a dual-interface operating system (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Development and quality assurance of a mobile payment application (MasterCard)
  • Support when introducing EMV smart cards in production operations
    • Electrical initialisation and personalisation (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Development of operating systems for applications of
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • CPA


SECCOS® – secure payment transactions right from the start

The "Secure Chip Card Operating System" (SECCOS®) is a smart card operating system that is recommended by the German banking industry. Our team has already implemented complete operating system developments for SECCOS® cards on various platforms.

Our customers really appreciate our high degree of professionalism and expertise in supporting the demanding approval process by the German banking industry, which requires a high level of quality and security.

Experience from the SECCOS® environment:

Development and quality assurance of an ISO-7816-based SECCOS® smart card operating system

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Security analysis
  • Documentation
  • Implementation of German banking industry applications
    (GeldKarte, girocard, EMV)
  • Approval by Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK)
Development of HSM firmware

HSM firmware development

Whether standard or customised: always secure and certified

achelos supports you in every phase of your HSM project – from analysis and development, all the way up to commissioning and operation of your new HSM solution.

In many cases, a standard HSM solution from one of our established partners can be used. However, if your requirements go beyond the scope of a standard HSM solution, our experienced architects and developers can extend the functionalities of the standard HSM (PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI) by developing additional firmware and interfaces for your individual application. We provide planning, architecture and development support and help with successful certification of the new firmware (PCI PTS HSM).


Our offering:

  • Extension of existing firmware modules and development of new ones
  • PCKS#11 Vendor Defined Mechanisms as add-on to PKCS#11 API
  • Use of existing key management functionality and/or productive functions
  • Implementation and execution of conformity tests
  • (G)UI creation for key management applications
  • Drafting of documentation
  • Support for certification, for example PCI PTS HSM, CC


Reference projects:

  • Firmware development, documentation and support for certification of the qualified remote signature service of the Bank-Verlag Group.

Press Release

  • Multifactor authentication via FIDO tokens for a provider in the field of critical infrastructures.

    Development of a user management system in the HSM for use of FIDO tokens with the dual-control principle for role-based authentication of functions.

    • The use of HSMs for managing critical infrastructures is very widespread. The challenge lies in finding a straightforward method for safeguarding access and facilitating easy HSM configuration with multifactor authentication.
    • Modern HSMs typically use smartcards and PIN pads for multifactor authentication.
    • FIDO tokens are a convenient and affordable solution that eliminates the need to carry cumbersome devices for authentication purposes.


Development of applications

Development of applications

Applications securely programmed for security tokens and smart cards

The implementation of the operating system provides the basis for a large number of applications. Application development for microprocessor chips / security chips is one of the core competences of achelos – we transform your application ideas into real and executable applications, taking into account standards such as:

  • PCI-DSS - secure standard for credit card data


Development of test suites or simulations

Development of test suites or simulations

The perfect test suite or simulation for any test project

Provision of mobile services requires efficient and high-performance test management as a way of going to market with new solutions quickly and flexibly.

With Qumate, the powerful test center from achelos, you can develop your own test suites quite individually or have us develop them for you according to your individual requirements. Qumate has established itself in the market as a convenient and reliable tool that employs a high degree of automation. Our team of developers is very experienced and more than happy to support you in developing new test suites or simulations, whereby you determine the scope and depth of the actual testing. This saves both time and resources in product development, while at the same time improving the quality of your products.






Security experts with international experience

achelos has in-depth knowledge of security, smart card and PKI technology and commands the entire added value chain to provide holistic support for projects. As a manufacturer-independent software development house, we listen carefully and react individually to the wishes of our customers.


Further achelos services for your development project:

  • Consulting in all project phases
  • Conceptual design
  • Specification
  • Implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Test management
  • Security certification to Common Criteria


Software development partner for sub-projects

Are you a software house or card manufacturer that is facing a tight deadline on a major project, since your in-house development department is already at full capacity?
Then we would love to be your partner, providing you with flexible and professional support in development, quality assurance, test management, requirements analysis, Common Criteria certification or system architecture.

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