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Qumate: Quality management at the highest level

Qumate from achelos is an innovative tool collection for managing, executing and documenting tests. It therefore represents an important component in the quality management for smart cards, components and systems. Qumate is already in use for the test management and tests of new smart card and smart card terminal applications in:

  • Electronic ID cards
  • Health cards
  • Credit cards
  • Standard readers and high-end card readers for the eID card and residence permits

Keeping an eye on business processes

Qumate offers a view over the entire project, displaying the business process and the associated technical requirements in a clear tree structure.

It is based on the Eclipse Rich Client platform and because of its modular architecture, plugins can be flexibly added. Qumate was developed by achelos and is already highly acknowledged in the market.

The tool has a well-structured user interface with purpose-built graphic elements. The reporting and logging functions, in particular, are clear and can be adapted flexibly. The excellent transparency and performance of Qumate enable high-class test management.

Qumate: a flexible approach to testing complex systems

You can use Qumate to test complex systems with several terminals, smart cards and simulators running simultaneously. You can store project data centrally on an associated database such as MySQL or Oracle. It is also possible to manage different test suite runs with different test objects at different times.

Qumate brochure