Homogeneous simulation of the telematics infrastructure

TI Simulator

A quick and convenient entry into TI with a dedicated simulation environment

The telematics infrastructure (TI) is used to network all stakeholders and institutions in the German healthcare system, making information available more quickly and easily. This is the most important prerequisite for digitalisation of the healthcare market.

Prior to their successful use in TI, new components require official approval from the gematik, Germany's national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system. By performing and documenting their own tests (so called EVTs), manufacturers can provide evidence that their product complies with the approval requirements.

The TI Simulator from achelos

With the TI Simulator, achelos offers a complete simulation environment that can flexibly simulate both central and decentral components of the TI.

The homogeneous simulation environment fully supports generation of EVT test documentation and offers a wide range of possibilities for manipulation. Therefore, in addition to standard cases, faults can also be reliably simulated and tested. All systems and components required in the TI are depicted in a uniform way. With the hosted simulation environment from achelos, every user receives a dedicated instance.

Secure start in the TI with a dedicated simulation environment

Challenges during simulation and testing

Various systems need to be combined to create a suitable simulation environment for both performing and documenting tests in-house (EVTs). These include terminals, connectors and the reference environment.

However, there are several challenges associated with this:

  • Individual test configuration – Only central TI components are required for some products, while others for example need equipment at practices or insurance interfaces. The required components then have to be compiled from various sources.
  • Testing for incorrect behaviour – This is a key requirement in the specifications provided by 'gematik'. However, the reference environment only facilitates testing of correct communication processes.
  • Availability – The reference environment is available to all users equally. Therefore, bottlenecks are inevitable.

Independent and flexible


The TI Simulator offers a wide range of options for manipulation, enabling you to reliably simulate and test faults in addition to the standard cases. The requirements from the gematik specifications are therefore consistently met, so you can ensure optimum preparation of new products for use in the TI and also approval by gematik.


A complete solution from a single source

The TI Simulator offers a homogeneous simulation environment that can be used to depict all required systems and components in a uniform way. Customer-specific adjustments are also possible within the scope of the defined specifications. Faults that occur as a result of combining various systems are then avoided from the outset. You receive a complete solution from a single source with just one central contact: achelos.

Always available

Take advantage of the benefits offered by a hosted solution. Test your products flexibly in your own simulation environment - as often and as long as necessary for your individual product development and approval process preparations. This reduces the time required for reaching market maturity and gives you an edge over your competition.


Reliable and proven

In addition to the TI Simulator, achelos offers individual test suites with a high degree of automation, detailed reporting, as well as audit-compliant documentation.

The versatile simulation environment, in combination with the achelos test suites, has already been successfully used in numerous customer projects for approval of TI services and components.

Using this reliable and proven tool suite, you can perform and document your own tests for new TI components and products securely, reliably and conveniently.

TI Simulator by achelos

An experienced partner at your side

achelos has many years of experience in consulting and development of TI products. As a security expert, we support manufacturers of digital e-health solutions and providers of specialist applications, such as digital healthcare or nursing care apps (DiGA, DiPA), in connecting and integrating their operations into the TI. We also offer support in adapting them to new security standards and introducing federated identities. We support and accompany our customers fully here: from planning, through development and test management, all the way up to approval of the new solution.

For a secure and successful start into the world of TI.

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