TI pass by achelos

TI Pass by achelos – for secure management of patient data on the smartphone

Digital health innovations with TI Pass

The achelos team has been actively involved in setting up the telematics infrastructure - TI for short - since 2013.

With TI Pass by achelos, the expert team continues its series of innovations in the digital health environment and has developed a solution for using the digital health record on mobile devices. The smartphone with its integrated secure element becomes  a secure device in the context of the electronic patient record (ePA) and is used for secure registration using the contactless electronic health card (NFC-eGK).

Advantages of TI Pass by achelos:

  • Secure management of patient data on the smartphone
  • Accesses existing infrastructures in the healthcare industry
  • Uses the Secure Element for the secure use of identities


for secure management of patient data on the smartphone

More information about TI Pass by achelos

The achelos experts Christof Basener and Tanja Schumacher present TI Pass, the achelos’ solution for the German healthcare system in an interview.

Click here to watch the interview on YouTube.

How does TI Pass by achelos work:

The patient's identity is securely stored on the mobile phone's embedded secure element, made available for use and managed there. The TI Pass by achelos app offers two login procedures to choose from. One is via the onboard material and the other via the contactless function of the electronic health card (NFC-eGK).

Once the selection is made, the respective PIN is requested and access to documents is granted. Documents that were brought in via the desktop app can be decrypted and then displayed.

  • Keys and certificates of the eGK are used
  • Uses the "embedded Secure Element" (eSE) as a certified unit, which is built into the smartphone
  • Secure hardware platform with the eSE, comparable with the security standard of the eGK
  • Derived eGK identity on the smartphone (without further systems, such as a new identity card)
  • Uses existing systems and structures
  • Industry solution of choice: supported by gematik and cybersecurity experts from BSI


For secure management of patient data on the smartphone

Christof Basener

Director eHealth Solutions


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Tanja Schumacher

Sales Manager


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