Certification support for smart meter gateways

TLS Smart Metering Inspector

Tailor-made professional certification support

IT security and data protection are the key topics in electronic data exchange. This particularly applies to the software for smart metres and smart metre gateways. It needs to meet the toughest security requirements, as it handles personal and household data. For integration of the devices into the smart grid, these requirements are stipulated by TR-03116-3 from the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI).

Optimised to BSI requirements

The TLS Smart Metering Inspector from achelos has already been optimised to the requirements of common criteria and BSI TR-03116-3. The preconfigured test suite fully complies with all requirements of the BSI.

The test suite impresses with a high degree of automation, simple integration into other systems, and an intuitive web-based user interface. Detailed reporting and audit-compliant documentation guarantee traceability of the test execution.


Tailor-made professional certification support

Perfectly prepared for certification

With the TLS Smart Metering Inspector, you are perfectly prepared for the certification of your smart metres and smart metre gateways:

Efficient right from the outset

The robustness of the software is ensured by comprehensive domain-specific tests for correct implementation and vulnerabilities. Integrating the test suite into the development environment early on means that unnecessary iterations can be effectively avoided during certification.



Thanks to the high degree of automation and ease of use, costs can be reduced to just 10 % and test execution time to as little as 15 % of what is required for a manual test.


The test suite can be easily integrated into build environments (CI, CD) through the provision of REST services. This means that professional test tools are available at any time and for the individually required duration.

Modular architecture

The architecture of the TLS Smart Metering Inspector is modular in concept. Various test suites, tools, and simulations can be integrated on the basis of Qumate by achelos. Automated tests for the TLS server and TLS client as well as detailed test reports are used to measure product quality.

The TLS Smart Metering Inspector provides:

  • Preconfigured test cases, optimised for BSI TR-03116-3
  • Complete and reliable compliance of the scope and depth of testing in accordance with the BSI
  • High degree of automation
  • Provision of REST services
  • Web GUI based on web services
  • Audit-compliant documentation
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible use and integration



Experienced certification partner

We have many years of comprehensive experience in development, testing, and certification support, both for manufacturers and testing centres. We help our customers implement legal and individual security requirements in stable, user-friendly, and sustainable solutions.

This starts with consulting, continues through our development with security by design, and ends with flexible, high-performance solutions for the customer.

As recognised expert for the protection and security of data in critical infrastructures, achelos is your ideal partner for the successful certification of smart metres and smart metre gateways to relevant standards and common criteria.

You can find more information on our TLS testsuites here.

Fit for certification with achelos!

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